Who We Are

Service Transport Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Adams Resources and Energy, Inc.

Adams Resources & Energy, Inc. is engaged in the business of marketing crude oil, natural gas and petroleum products; tank truck transportation of liquid chemicals; and oil and gas exploration and production. They are traded on the NYSE Market under the symbol, "AE".

Service Transport Company began operations in 1965 as intrastate Texas carrier of petroleum, petroleum products, (including petrochemicals) and waste liquids. In 1980, the Environmental Protection Agency permitted Service as a waste transporter. Later, in 1986, the Interstate Commerce Commission permitted Service as a forty-eight state, class of shipper, contract carrier. In 1988, the contract authority was expanded to a forty-eight state, non-radial common carrier certificate. In the late 1990's Service Transport was granted inter and intra provincial authority from both the Provinces of Ontario and Quebec in Canada. In 2003, Service Transport became "Customs Self Assessment" approved by the Canada Border Services Agency and a customs bonded carrier into all of Canada. This combination of authority and proven expertise has provided our customers with uniquely tailored transportation services whenever, whatever, and wherever required.

The customer base of Service Transport Company is widely varied because of its extensive capabilities, as well as the natural variety of the chemical and waste liquids businesses. Service's customer base exceeds 500 customers and ranges from the largest chemical manufacturers to the smallest marketers of specialty chemicals.

Service Transport Company's customers are served from terminals in Houston, Corpus Christi, and Beaumont, Texas as well as St. Gabriel, Louisiana, and Mobile, Alabama. The Texas and Louisiana terminals are twenty-four hour operations and utilize the latest communication equipment. Service currently operates over three hundred (300) tractors and four-hundred twenty five (425) trailers. Most of the trailers are stainless steel, insulated, single compartment trailers. However, the fleet also consists of pressure equipment including LPG trailers, acid barrels, three and four compartment trailers and a host of other combinations that will suit most chemical customers. The tractors are generally less than three years old and are specially constructed for Service using the latest technology to achieve a structurally strong, yet light, unit with power trains that are strong, durable and fuel efficient.

Service Transport Company's main terminal is situated on twenty-two acres of commercial property on Almeda-Genoa Road in Houston, Texas. This modern, efficient, well-equipped truck terminal was opened in 1966 and has been continually improved and modernized since that time. This terminal consists of corporate offices; operations offices, including dispatch and customer service offices; a state of the art 4 bay wash rack and 16 bay maintenance facility; and uniquely, a regenerative thermal oxidizer that incinerates vapors and eliminates air pollution in our neighborhood. These facilities offer our customers the premier service that they have come to associate with our company.

Service Transport Company's Quality Process is one of the major assets of this organization. The practice of using Statistical Process Control covering Safety and On-Time Assurance has helped Service to improve in all areas of quality service to customers. Participation in quality action teams in-house and special outside seminars with most of the top ten to fifteen accounts is part of a continuous improvement program that benefits Service and customers alike. These partnerships with customers are a growing trend and provide a means to learn from quality experts in other firms.

Service Transport Company is also a Responsible Care® Partner. This association with the American Chemistry Council represents our commitment to health, safety and environmental issues surrounding the chemical industry. The overall goal of the American Chemistry Council is to properly manage chemicals worldwide and to progress toward the vision of no accidents, injuries or harm to the environment. They lead their Responsible Care® partners in ethical ways that increasingly benefit society, the economy and the environment. We are very proud to be a part of this important cause.

Service Transport Company, through their proper and efficient performance of bulk liquid carrier operations has become a $60,000,000 per year operation. With these facilities and a comprehensive team effort, Service Transport Company has become known as a carrier ready, willing and able to become an extension of a shipper's marketing efforts by delivering products to customers in a safe and timely manner.